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Tips for Success: How Can Your Clothing Choices Boost Your Performance?

“Dress for success” is definitely not just a phrase. Of course, just looking good might not get you that job or promotion you want, but impressions matter and you might be surprised to find out just how much they can influence people’s choices and decisions. If you don’t care much for fashion, or prefer a more laidback personal style, you might be feeling lost. Fortunately, there are a few simple rules to follow if you want to leave a great impression. Always be tidy This is absolutely the number 1 rule of dressing for success. It doesn’t matter at all how much your outfit costs or how well it fits you, if it’s stained or wrinkled, there’s no way you...

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How to Wear Your Jewellery Like a Celebrity

When it comes to wearing jewellery like a Celebrity, you don't have to spend a fortune, to look amazing. There's a knack to getting it right; mixing and matching your look to create your own special style, just like Celebrities. Start with pieces that are bold and colourful. Pieces that stand out. Pieces that are not sold in stores. Pieces that will set your style on fire without torching your wallet.  It's about detail; your look should look effortless as if you are not even trying. But its flawlessly elegant. It means taking the time to find and invest in incredible accessories; a great bag, the perfect shoe, unique earrings; helping you steal the show no matter what you wear.  ...

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Jewels – How I Fell In Love Twice

The jewellery market is always evolving and every year presents new trends of the season. Every year thousands of men are forced by their partners to buy new jewelry at exorbitant prices to make them happy... as real proof of how much they love them – of course. The new trend of the year is for all jewellery types. Women are waiting impatiently for the parades to know what to wear and men are afraid for the amounts they have to spend.   This year the trend mainly concerns necklaces and bracelets. This is my mission; finding the best pendant for my partner. Browsing the Internet, I searched for all the best jewelry sites and all the possible information about...

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