COVID has changed everything..!


Pearl + Creek has changed everything from its direction into unique home decor products to only using sustainable materials and supply chains that help communities.


Since COVID Pearl + Creek has changed its direction.


The focus is now on home products that are made from materials that are sustainable, recycled, upcycled and ethically sourced.

We are finding and using supply chains that help communities across the world.

Where possible we will go local, but we also want to use new techniques and ideas that create better products. 

Quality, uniqueness and style are still important.

Add sustainable materials that are sourced ethically and sustainably...

and that help those communities, and you have something worth having in your home for years to come.

We've been working hard with people all over the world, from Switzerland, USA,  Macedonia to Romania, India and China to develop interesting products that we hope you will love.

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We decided to concentrate on your home because 'home' is a place better felt rather than occupied.

Every day we work towards creating this thoughtful, nurturing endeavor for you because we know when we capture that feeling of 'home', you will allow the best version of you to feel safe, to relax in ease and be inspired. 

How you live, alone, with families, extended families and friends, furry and feathered sets the true foundation of every home.and its melody.

It is our challenge to listen, refine, reinterpret and create a place that celebrates your vision, your values, your being.