How to Wear Your Jewellery Like a Celebrity

When it comes to wearing jewellery like a Celebrity, you don't have to spend a fortune, to look amazing. There's a knack to getting it right; mixing and matching your look to create your own special style, just like Celebrities.

Start with pieces that are bold and colourful. Pieces that stand out. Pieces that are not sold in stores. Pieces that will set your style on fire without torching your wallet. 

It's about detail; your look should look effortless as if you are not even trying. But its flawlessly elegant. It means taking the time to find and invest in incredible accessories; a great bag, the perfect shoe, unique earrings; helping you steal the show no matter what you wear.  

The Weekender


It might be the weekend but you can still look Vogue ready with this Zara Denim Top with Frille Sleeves ($12.99), Zara High Waist Trousers ($35.99), Astara Flower Enamel Crystal Hoop Earrings ($89.95), Melina Necklace ($39.95),  Arizona Birkenstock Sandal ($99.95) and Kate Spade Cameron Street Jensen Purse ($151.00) 

Celebrities always look ready for their next photo shoot, their next gig, meeting their next fan. Remember, no matter how overdressed you think you might be, next to a Celebrity, you are underdressed.

And that’s why the Astara Flower Enamel Crystal Hoop Earrings are a perfect choice. Save the small studs for the office, these earrings are made to step into the limelight; day or night, brunch with friends or with a little black dress. White crisp shirt or jodhpurs. Don't underestimate your bold look without the Melina Gold Necklace with Enamel Beads for extra flare.


Night Out  on the Town

A simple black dress can be the most elegant in the room when you add great heels, some makeup, stunning earrings, and a jaw-dropping bracelet. 

This Maje black dress ($325) looks amazing when teamed with Christian Louboutin heels ($795), Jimmy Choo clutch ($995) with a dash of Nars lipstick ($28); but they really come alive when you add Joia Emerald earrings ($55.95) and the Big Rocks Elodie Bracelet ($35.95).

Whether you're attending a formal dinner party, grabbing drinks on the rooftop or just stepping out with friends, feel like the Celebrity of the party. 

The perfect dress will show off your style and set you apart. Remember your dress will get their attention but your accessories will keep their attention!


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