Jewels – How I Fell In Love Twice

The jewellery market is always evolving and every year presents new trends of the season.

Every year thousands of men are forced by their partners to buy new jewelry at exorbitant prices to make them happy... as real proof of how much they love them – of course.

The new trend of the year is for all jewellery types. Women are waiting impatiently for the parades to know what to wear and men are afraid for the amounts they have to spend.


This year the trend mainly concerns necklaces and bracelets. This is my mission; finding the best pendant for my partner.

Browsing the Internet, I searched for all the best jewelry sites and all the possible information about new trends ...

necklace selections

Finally I found Pearl + Creek. At that moment my life has changed, I finally found my holy grail, the best jewels I could wish for.

My partner was like a baby in front of a candy store; she did not know which gem to see first.

Browsing the site I found many beautiful jewels, I'm not a great expert, but I can try to suggest someone.

This beautiful necklace is available in black or white detail. A beautiful necklace, as soon as I saw it, I imagined my partner with this necklace and a beautiful dress for an evening gala.

This jewel is very delicate and fits very well on any neck, highlighting the shapes of the breasts .. and of course, the face. The first time I saw the jewel I thought it would be perfect with a chignon hairdo to highlight the gem, which otherwise might be hidden by her hair.

My partner wore it and is satisfied, I'm satisfied, the whole world is happy. A jewel has brought peace to the world.

The second jewel I have observed is this:

four leaf clover bracelet

This is a delicate bracelet with a lovely pendant. A perfect accessory for the summer season, where your arms are more exposed, and you can show new accessories.

The pendant reminds me a lot of a clover, a symbol of luck. Buying it I tried to give luck to my partner, and she needs it to live with me.

This bracelet attracted many women's attention during our last dinner. Maybe they were looking at my dress out of fashion, or maybe it was this jewel to draw their attention, and I am lucky to live with an amazing woman.

A mystery.

These are just two jewels I found on this beautiful site. Maybe I'm not the best person to talk about gems and I hope you'll forgive my arrogance by writing this post, but I just wanted to share my experience with you.

I was not corrupt to write this article; they only kidnapped my partner... and then I decided to work for them.. Ciao Fabriccio!


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