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What Are the Best Beauty Secrets to Learn from Asian Women?

Asian beauty has been an inspiration for the rest of the world when it comes to the beauty trends. After all, Asian women have always been known for their perfect skin. What’s more, many beauty rituals and practices originated in Asian countries such as Korea, Japan and India, and are slowly making an impact everywhere else, too. Of course, the key to beautiful skin is not only in the products Asian ladies use, but the consistency that’s absolutely necessary for the said products to work their magic. If there’s one key secret to learn from Asian beauty trends, it’s definitely the fact that you should never skip your beauty routine. However, in order to perfect your beauty routine like Asian...

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Fashion Month Beauty Lessons

  From New York to Paris, the world’s renowned makeup artists have used their skills and crafts fabulously yet again, to develop some wonderful beauty looks that ruled the runways during fashion month. From holographic makeup, through painted lips and frizzy hair, to glitters and shimmer, you’re in for a whole lot of colours, boldness and playful trends, which will help you bring your look to an entirely new level. Holographic makeup source The more colours the better is definitely the latest moto of many makeup artists. Kaleidoscopic visages were all over the runways, and it’s the next big trend you’ll have to introduce into your night out makeup routine. All you need to do is invest in some quality...

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