Fashion Month Beauty Lessons


From New York to Paris, the world’s renowned makeup artists have used their skills and crafts fabulously yet again, to develop some wonderful beauty looks that ruled the runways during fashion month. From holographic makeup, through painted lips and frizzy hair, to glitters and shimmer, you’re in for a whole lot of colours, boldness and playful trends, which will help you bring your look to an entirely new level.

Holographic makeup


The more colours the better is definitely the latest moto of many makeup artists. Kaleidoscopic visages were all over the runways, and it’s the next big trend you’ll have to introduce into your night out makeup routine. All you need to do is invest in some quality iridescent pigments, empty them on a tray and create a soft-focus veil on your face by having your friend blow them slightly across your face. Another trick you can use is mix the pigments with your makeup fixing spray, shake the bottle and spray the face with it for a dazzling effect.

Glowing looks


We’ve seen plenty of sleeky shiny gloss during fashion week, and we know you’ll want to follow this trend, so make sure you work on your glistening complexion. Sweaty face is soon to become the number one trend of the season, offering you that just got out of the shower look. It’s all about fresh-looking skin with plenty of natural glow that comes with a lot of moisturizing. Therefore, don’t skimp on your body lotions, face creams and hydrating serums, but go for that dewy gym skin that’ll make you radiant.

Effortless beauty


While holographic makeup takes centre stage on one end, we love the effortless French beauty on the other, which requires little to no makeup. With just a hint of mascara and a bit of highlighter on your cheekbones for that improved natural glow, you will get a fabulous natural look. However, in order to be brave enough to expose your skin completely, without using the least bit of foundation to cover it up, you’ll have to moisturize it a lot. Only with nurturing skin care will you be able to get that naturally glowing skin, so make sure you slather on nourishing creams and lotions to keep the skin supple and elastic. Prepare it for short sleeves, making it plump, hydrated and protected. Also, keep an eye on your eyebrow game, and don’t pluck them too much, but let them grow naturally, just making sure they’re nicely groomed. The less shaping with pens and powders, the more natural of a look you will achieve.

Hair accessories are back in


From exaggerated bows, through low-slung scrunches and hair ribbons, this season is going to be all about hair accessories. However, there’s a bit more to the accoutrements than just ribbons and bows, so get ready for a season filled with feathery details as well. To make a statement with your hair accessory, smooth back the hair into a slicked, side-parted updo, place a plume along the deep centre part tracing the hairline, and glue it so it’ll stay in place. Also, think about incorporating elegant pearls into your hairdo and let  necklaces lay over your loose waves. For a little less extravagant hairstyle, adorn your locks with elegant interlocking clips. Sleek hair was another leading Fashion month trend, and to achieve it, opt for reliable hair care brands and organic and natural hair care products.

Glitter and shimmer everywhere


The upcoming seasons are going to be as glittery as ever. From shimmering eyeshadows to sparkly lips, shimmers and glitters are going to be one of your favourite makeup trends this year. You can even play around with colourful eyeliner and pressing it on in a bold graphic shape below the eyebrow. Dip a flat brush into a little bit of glitter and pat it over your green, blue, or purple eyeliner for a ground-breaking effect. If you want to put more emphasis on the lips, feel free to dab your finger into a little bit of shimmery pigments and tap it on the lips.


From holographic makeup through bare-naked skin and outstanding hairdos and accessories, the season before us is going to be anything but ordinary. The beauty trends we’ve witnessed on the latest runaways will add more flair to your everyday beauty routine, offering you a trendy sassy look that’ll take everyone’s breath away.

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