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Fashion Inspiration through the Eyes of Pantone Colour Trend

If you don’t know what Pantone is, we have to say that it’s the world-renowned authority on colour that inspires design professionals to express their creativity in a really unique way. Many interior and fashion designers, and especially high street fashion brands, rely on their recommendations these days, which is what makes them so competent and trustworthy. Here are some of the hottest shades that’ll be a huge hit in the fashion industry and tips on how to incorporate them into your everyday combo, so check them out! Which shades should you pay extra attention to? Lovely Ash Rose Ash Rose is one of the most unusual pinks you’ve ever seen. It’s much more than just a regular rosy shade...

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5 Must-Know Millennial Shopping Habits

Despite the older generations’ claims that Millennials are lazy and entitled, it would seem that the young people of today are pushing the boundaries of what it means to have a good shopping experience. They are doing their best to be smart consumers with good awareness of the market as the need for quality products arises, and they demand to be involved is present. So, what are their habits, and what do they want from companies? Let’s break it down right here. They care about the price More than the brand name, availability, and even quality, Millennials seem to place more importance on price than anything else. The job market being what it is, coupled with the fact that a...

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Winter Fashion Trends to Try in 2017

You can never be too ready for the next season. Even in spring, you can start thinking about fall and winter. When it comes to clothes, this is even more important. Knowing what the trends are going to be next year means your spring cleaning will not mean the end for those old trousers, because they are making a comeback. It also means that if you see that jacket for 80% off because it’s the completely wrong season for it, you can snatch it there and then and proudly wear it several months down the line. So, now that we’ve covered why knowing the trends in advance is important, let’s see what this year will bring: Pink The fuchsia trend...

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