Winter Fashion Trends to Try in 2017

You can never be too ready for the next season. Even in spring, you can start thinking about fall and winter. When it comes to clothes, this is even more important. Knowing what the trends are going to be next year means your spring cleaning will not mean the end for those old trousers, because they are making a comeback. It also means that if you see that jacket for 80% off because it’s the completely wrong season for it, you can snatch it there and then and proudly wear it several months down the line. So, now that we’ve covered why knowing the trends in advance is important, let’s see what this year will bring:



The fuchsia trend is the main talk of summer, and the pinks are not done there. We are toning it down a notch and going for muted colors instead, but you can be sure that you will be able to find every single clothing item in various shades of pink this winter.

Puffer jackets

If you live in a climate where it gets super cold in the winter, you will love the fact that little flowy coats will be overtaken by the wonderful, fluffy warmth of puffer jackets. These oversized women’s jacket will be the talk of the season, and designers are already giving advice on how to style them, even for more formal occasions. For now, the top pairings seem to be with a warm turtleneck and some skinny jeans, add some statement earrings and you are ready to go.

Wide leg pants

wide leg pants

Skinny jeans might be everyone’s go-to these days, but autumn is having none of it. We are bringing back in the old and the trend of wide-leg trousers lives another year, perhaps in a not-so-common season. Usually. wide leg pants are considered a piece for the summer, where the breeze you get helps cool you down, but pair it with a good pair of socks and you are good for work, nights out and even simple daily wear.



Believe it or not, one of the biggest fashion trends of this year will actually be – looking as “normal” as possible. Normcore isn’t a style known to everyone, but it is something everybody wears, at least on occasion. It means unisex clothing and pieces that make you blend in the crowd, rather than standing out. This is a tool that can help you convey powerful messages, since any print you have on an otherwise plain outfit will stand out that much more.

White shoes

We hate to love them. They need a wash every time we wear them out and they show every tiny scrape that comes their way. We’re talking about white shoes, of course. There’s a sea of gorgeous shoes that look just perfect, but you need to be ready for the commitment of white shoes and to give them constant care they need. It’s true; they will definitely go with any outfit, whether you go for sneakers, booties, flats or pumps, so having a pair or two might be worth the trouble.

Fashion trends can change in the blink of an eye, with a new celebrity outfit post or a designer’s tweet. It is important to remember that trends are more like guidelines than rules or laws, so following them can be fun, but you don’t need to stick to it at any cost, especially if you don’t love the trend personally. After all, having our own sense of style means that trends will often pass you right by, and that is perfectly okay. If nothing else, knowing them will at least give you an idea of what you will be able to find in stores for the foreseeable future.

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