Top Hot Lifestyle Trends for 2018

There are new trends coming! They will change your life. Make it easier, seamless and fun... of these new trends, some will stay in your life forever, others will be lucky to stick around for 3 months. 

We all love change, moving towards something that improves us, our lives, those around us and the world.. all in one afternoon.

If you love understated chic, a polished look that doesn't take long to style, you need to be the best version of you.

Here are the first Top 3 Lifestyle Trends for 2018 to help you get there.

No. 1

For the last couple of years the turmeric buzz with its anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer powers have been everywhere. This year moringa is taking the lead. North American healthy food companies have gone south of the equator to find this super-green from the south, and it’s even more powerful than turmeric.

moringa new health trend

Moringa's nutrition profile is hitting the wellness scene with gusto. Packing twice the protein of spinach and three times as much iron and high amounts of vitamin A, calcium and potassium Moringa puts most fruits and vegetables to shame. If you were taking one thing to your stint on Survivor, this would be it.

Its got a great taste too, so don't be surprised to see it in everything from bars to protein powders, juices and kombucha. Moringa’s even entering the chip aisle! Holy Moringa Netflix!

No. 2

Your skin - deeply rested after a great night's sleep, using the best moisturizer money can by and fueled by super foods, smoothies and vitamins, goes into torturous battle everyday with the environment.

skin care trend

Battered by the invisible, your skin gets high doses of pollution, UV rays, blue light from laptops, and chemicals from air-conditioning that all hurt your skin.

The next wave of trending skin-care products is ready to fight for you against the modern world. Using these high-level skin barriers will not only maintain healthy, hydrated skin but also build up your skin's own defenses.

Look for ingredients like live bacteria, ceramides, lipids, and adaptogens to balance and support your skin’s natural functioning. Are all companies using them? Probably not, but unless you are prepared to live in a cave and give up your laptop, get ready for this new wave of skin technology.

No. 3


Nootropics have been around for a couple of decades, and are still trending high. These brain boosting supplements help diminish brain fog and reduce stress levels. Once only used by bio-hackers, they’re about to reach a wider audience, to make us smarter, happier and faster.

nootropic trend

Expect to see cognitive performance enhancers using amino acids, “happiness-hormone booster” phenylethylamine, stress-less l-theanine and brain-strengthening omega 3s, super coffee and elixir honey.

Yes, we are looking for ways to increase happiness, performance and reduce stress. It seems yoga and meditation as a life-optimizing tools can only do so much and this is the next step. Better levels of focus, mood, confidence and creativity for these high tech times are high in demand and nootropics are getting better at delivering them to our brains.

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