Leah Pearl Bracelet
Leah Pearl Bracelet
Leah Pearl Bracelet
Leah Pearl Bracelet

Leah Pearl Bracelet


Look stunning wearing your Leah white Fresh Water Pearl bracelet. Each pearl is highly secured and knotted with leather thonging, finishing with a blue oval stone and silver toggle. 

Custom made for you, using only the best quality pearls, in tact and secure. 

The ultra classic design, magnificent lustre of Freshwater Pearls with their natural charm make it easy to dress up or down any style; from classic to casual. Each Pearl is uneven, unique, natural and perfect.

Light brown leather gives Leah a modern contemporary look and makes it much safer to wear. Leather is much stronger and more durable than thread.

Leah is not found in Stores! 
  • Look perfect day or night wearing this classic string of 12 unique, natural, uneven fresh water pearls with a light opal lustre in a bracelet. Light, easy to wear and classic.
  • Feel safe wearing this luxurious pearl bracelet, perfectly strung using strong neutral brown leather thonging, which is more hardwearing and durable than thread.
  • Each pearl is indvidually knotted. This means if anything happens to the bracelet, you only lose one pearl, not all of them.
  • Finished with a natural light blue oval 2cm/ 0.78 in long stone and a silver metal toggle at the end. 
  • Turn heads with these finely polished stones, gold plated setting. 
  • Bracelet weight -23g
  • Two lengths - 18cm/7.1in and 20cm/ 8.26in and can be made to order.
  • This classic look is flawless.
  • Nickel, Cadmium and Lead FREE - you can relax, knowing you are wearing quality.