Will Wearing Current Trends Change Your Personal Style

Everyone’s aware of the fashion industry’s dominance these days, which can be a double-edged sword if you think of it more thoroughly. On the one hand, fashion designers are getting more and more innovative, which is beyond amazing, because we can have the chance to try on their masterpieces and enjoy this particular form of art. On the other, mass production in the fashion industry results in uniformity, which makes young people all over the globe look absolutely the same.

Your personal style is what matters most, but one question inevitably arises – will wearing current trends change it? Stay with us and find out!

How can I define my personal style?

The concept of personal style can be very vague, especially when you’re a young girl still searching for what suits her needs and looks fabulous on her. The road to forming your personal style can be rocky, but that’s actually what makes it so exciting. You’ll have to experiment with fashion trends to determine if they can match your personality and body shape.

When you think of the greatest fashion icons the world has ever seen, it seems that their personal style has always been a part of who they are. However, that’s far from the truth. Let’s talk about Linda Rodin, a style icon and beauty entrepreneur. She’s well-known for her stylish thick-rimmed eye glasses, but the truth is that they are much more than just a trend. This lady is practically blind without them, which is exactly why she decided to put them to good use and make such glasses her signature accessory.

Do trends have anything to do with your personal style?

Incorporating trends into your everyday outfits is more than fine, as long as you love what you see in the mirror. Following them blindly is what you should avoid, since that may prevent you from finding yourself in particular styles and designs. You can always wear a trendy garment, to give an authentic touch to every combo, which is an indicator of a flawless personal style. For example, floral ethno prints are a huge hit in the fashion industry these days, and you can find a variety of shirts, skirts, shoes, accessories, and gorgeous quality dresses online.

In order to make your floral combo pop, make sure to match it with appropriate jewellery – modern bangles or bracelets are always a good idea, as well as trendy scarves, tailored blazers, and fabulous stilettos. Everything is about adding a personal touch to an outfit!

Wear whatever you’re comfortable in

Another important fact is that you should always wear what you’re comfortable in, no matter if it’s trendy or not. Remember that trends come and go, whereas your personal style is there to stay. This means you should never compromise your comfort just because something is trendy at the moment. Instead of going with the flow and wearing what everyone else is wearing, you should dress according to your own mood and current state of mind.

If you’re up for a beanie, a red lipstick, and an oversized denim jacket – then go for such a look! On the other hand, if you’re more into skinny jeans, killer heels, and a bold leather jacket – that’s fine, too! Any outfit is okay as long as you feel great in it.

Wearing current fashion trends doesn’t necessarily have to change your personal style, but the truth is that the fashion industry has an enormous role in defining it. However, it doesn’t mean that the latest trends will shape your personal style in a bad way – they can be more than beneficial if you know how to play with them, without taking them too seriously. Once you learn that fashion is an exciting game you should play in order to define your personal style, you’re halfway there!

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