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Holiday Gift Ideas for the Beauty Lover in Your Life

For a beauty lover, gift buying can be a little tricky. You know they’d love a makeup or skincare product, sure, but which one? Do they already have this lipstick? Is this moisturizer up to their high standards? Will they like this blush? And when you walk into a store there’s such an overwhelming number of choices that you’ve no idea where to turn to first.   Well, that’s why we’re here. If you want some cool ideas on what to get, check out this list of our favourite beauty products that we’ve been loving lately and you’re bound to get inspired. An eyeshadow palette Even if they already have a million palettes, they will want another. Trust us, there’s...

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5 Must-Know Millennial Shopping Habits

Despite the older generations’ claims that Millennials are lazy and entitled, it would seem that the young people of today are pushing the boundaries of what it means to have a good shopping experience. They are doing their best to be smart consumers with good awareness of the market as the need for quality products arises, and they demand to be involved is present. So, what are their habits, and what do they want from companies? Let’s break it down right here. They care about the price More than the brand name, availability, and even quality, Millennials seem to place more importance on price than anything else. The job market being what it is, coupled with the fact that a...

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