Millennial Guide Through 2017

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As the end of 2017 is fast approaching, this might be the best time to look back on some of the trends the most influential generation of today – the millennial generation has fostered, thus placing their mark on the world. When it comes to millennials, people’s opinions are highly divided. Some consider them entitled and spoilt while others find them refreshing, driven and innovative. Whatever their reputation, their impact is undeniable, so let’s dive in and explore the different spheres in which they have created an enormous amount of change.

Fashion is a playground

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The first thing this generation has made quite clear is that fashion is definitely their playground. They’ve broken so many rules, yet the industry has been more than willing to follow them in this endeavor. Thanks to them, we have experienced the death of the logo, with numerous designers altering their designs to accommodate to these needs and preferences – case in point Michael Kors, Abercrombie and Fitch and many more. Of course, they are also responsible for the rise of emerging designers and brands that foster ethical practices as well as sustainability in fashion, all thanks to their commitment to the environment and social issues. Another thing millennials have taught us is that is ok, even preferred to be authentic and original, and to, therefore, mix different styles and refuse to be pigeon-holed in terms of fashion. There is also the major rise of secondhand and vintage stores where one can find buried treasures at a fraction of the price, and combines two millennial favorite things – originality and value for money. Finally, there is the well-known athleisure, a trend that has surged thanks to the fashion-savvy and health-focused generation that doesn’t shy away from rocking sportswear virtually everywhere. The fact that their lives are so fast-paced has made them aware that convenience is one of fashion’s most attractive traits, which is precisely what caused workleisure to become an actual thing.

Originality trumps all

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For this generation, originality is appreciated almost above all else. This is why they go out of their way to put together the most original outfits, look for obscure movies and music, decorate their apartments with pieces from small independent companies and furniture artisans and even approach event planning with the utmost care. For instance, when planning a wedding, a cookie-cutter event just doesn’t ‘cut’ it anymore. Everything has to be custom-made and reflective of a couple’s personal style. From wedding invitations to the theme, color palette, suits and dresses, cake and music, everything needs to ooze originality and must be graced with a personal touch.

Beauty, thy name is green

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The beauty industry has certainly felt the impact of the millennial way of thinking, and numerous changes have ensued as a result. One of the biggest changes is that instead of makeup, the primary focus has now been placed on great skincare and the fight against aging. Millennial women refuse to hide behind makeup, but would rather flaunt naturally radiant and healthy faces. Speaking of care, one of the most positive shifts is the one towards organic and natural cosmetics. Reportedly, given the chance, 49% of millennial women would always opt for organic brands. In addition to purchasing natural, they are also the DIY generation who, when unable to find a product that suits their needs will easily resort to making it themselves.

Brand loyalty?

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In all spheres, whether fashion, beauty, wedding industry, design, the one thing brands can’t rely on when it comes to millennials is loyalty. A typical Gen Y person will definitely jump ship if a better offer comes along. Yes, they have very specific desires, but will make a compromise if any product in question can be found at another retailer at a lower price. As previously said, they appreciate value for money, but there is one more thing brands need to do in order to retain customers. One of them is quality – millennials are a tough crowd and thanks to their techno-savvy, they will never purchase a product if it’s followed by negative reviews. Advertisements have definitely lost their charm, and a good word of mouth can make or break a brand. The other highly regarded brand quality is customer support. The new generation of consumers needs to feel heard and valued, and if a personalized and personal approach is applied in the interaction with the customer, well, that bodes quite well with them.

The new generation is the integral cog of change. They are the ones organizing protests, they are the ones changing the face of the corporate world as well as that of fashion and beauty. They’re even redefining personal relationships and travel experiences. Now, the only question that remains is – will this wave of change be strong enough to persevere well into the years to follow? We guess only time will tell.

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