How to Get Rid of Valentine’s Day Stress for Good


Seeing a parade of Roses, Chocolates, Balloons go in and out of offices, homes and restaurants can make you feel like you are missing out, even worse, that you are not good enough. 

There are times in your life that you don’t have, want or need a Valentine. It could be one of the best gifts to receive, the gift of introspection, but if you feel like you are missing out and want to create your own Valentine’s Day fun, here are some tips to have you fulfilled, fun-filled and in Love with life and all the wonderful things in it.  

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In fact, more people are giving Valentine’s Day gifts to family and friends, a sign of appreciation for the unwavering love and friendship between them. And 20 percent will give a Valentine's Day gift to a pet, because everyone knows the wonderful support pets give on so many levels.

Grateful Journal


If you don’t already have one, create a Grateful Journal, even if you only use it occasionally. It’s a simple journal where you write down 3 or more things you are grateful for. I write mine each morning and always find there are so many more things I want to add to the list. It puts life into perspective.


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Sometimes the list is full of all big things, like getting things done from the day before, but often it’s the small things that make you stop, becoming fully present in the moment. Like spotting a baby Kookaburra in a tree on my daily walk. It was so tiny and I was grateful I was paying attention instead of rushing past.

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I am grateful my parents are in such good health, for the wonderful sunshine and the cooling breeze.  It may sound trite but stopping for just a few moments, writing each one down reminds me how lucky I am to have this life and to even be alive.

Love Letter

Like the Grateful Journal, this is a wonderful thing to do, especially on Valentine’s Day. You can approach writing this letter a number of ways. You can write to a future or virtual Valentine. Tell them all the things that you Love about them, why you love them, respect them and are with them. It reminds you of the qualities that are important to you. It might also highlight why others were not perfect for you and not aligned to what’s the most important to you.

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Another way is to write to the Universe, God or even to your soul, and open your heart to what you want, what would make you happy and full of joy. Whether this letter is long or short doesn’t matter, you will learn things about yourself and putting them on paper releases them from your mind and frees you up to get on with life instead of thinking about them. Using pen and paper, not a computer, slows down the process and clarify your thinking.

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What do you do with these Love Letters? You can keep them and read them later, add them to your mood board and wait for them to materialize or simply tear them and scatter them to the wind. God, the Universe and your soul have heard your request, they don’t need to be reminded even if you do.

Arrange a Spa Day Alone or With a Bestie

You might start or end with a yoga or meditation class, but after that why not spend some time in a spa being pampered.

Add sliced citrus to your bath to create a refreshing soak.

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You can do this alone or with a group of friends, during lunch, at the end of the day or at night at home with a spa party. This is about pampering your body and nurturing your soul and if you work hard you must recharge your batteries. A sauna, facial or massage will help you drift away and relax from the fuss of Valentine’s Day going on around you.  

Get Busy and Declutter

All that time spent writing Grateful Journals and Love Letters to the Almighty and being pummeled could give you a few insights on how you want this year to play out. Don’t be surprised if you get a nudge or two that some things in your life need to change. The easiest way to recognize and acknowledge these golden insights is to act on them, immediately, without delay.

 Sometimes it can feel really overwhelming when tasked to declutter, organize, and minimize the belongings in your home. So overwhelming, in fact, that you may j

If you were hoping for a dull night, it could be time to take action instead, even if its only for an hour or two. And you will feel great.  When you take action, things start to fall into place. And sometimes the only way for these great things to fall into place is to make space first.

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 Movies on Valentine's Day

If you are in the mood for company on Valentine’s Day, group movie night on February 14th can be a ritual that is hard to stop once you start, with or without significant others.

Valentine's Day movies are some of the best of the year, especially with the Academy Awards are right around the corner. You can follow up with dinner or drinks later and enjoy time spent with some of your favourite people.

Bake Night with Friends

Sometimes a night in, whipping up heart shaped treats together with frosting and then eating them together can be a little meditative, creative and relaxing. Craft night or movie night at home with lots of sugary treats are other ways to spend it at home.

 the best valentine sugar cookies / alice and lois

 Heart Sugar Cookies - Alice and Lois


Sumptuous Dinner Party with Friends

A dinner party for a group of friends can be a perfect Valentine's Day Date for your single and coupled friends. You can organize it a number of ways. It can be formal with a select group or less formal, with friends dropping by before or after their other engagements of their own.

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Being in it together can help friends who feel lonely hang out and have fun on a day they might be feeling especially alone.  

Valentine’s Day is a day of love. Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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