How to Find the Best Lingerie for Your Body Type


If you’re preparing to go somewhere and want to look good, you’ve got to wear good lingerie. It doesn’t matter if someone’s going to see it or not, it doesn’t matter that you’re “just” going out for a lunch with your girlfriends. If you want a good outfit, that first layer you put on, that sexy, luxurious lingerie needs to fit you like a glove and make you feel beautiful. Anything that comes on top is bound to look ten times better when you have a good base to work with.

But how do you pick the right lingerie that will help you bring out all your best attributes? How do you choose garments that can really make you feel attractive regardless of where you’re going? Well, all it takes is a few tips, and you can learn how to find the best kind of undergarments to suit your beautiful body type. Here’s what you need to know.

Get measured

 find your proper fit

You can measure yourself, but you can also go to a lingerie shop and ask for the sales ladies there to help you out. This is the first step that you simply can’t miss because one of the fundamental rules of looking good in underwear is to find your proper fit. Around 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size, and if it’s been a while since you measured your bust, it’s time to do it again. The same goes for your hips, your waist, and your thighs. Measure yourself and you’ll have a much better idea of the kind of thing you might need when you browse through a shop.

Learn about different types of undergarments

different types of undergarments

While bra and panties are the most standard type of underwear you can find, there are so many more options that you can choose depending on the occasion. For example, a silken teddy can look good on anyone who wishes to elongate their figure, and a bustier is a wonderful choice for ladies who wish to showcase their cleavage. High-waist panties can hide a larger belly, and lacy negligees and nightgowns look great on pretty much anyone. If you want a two-piece option go for a see-through camisole with satin details and a well-fitting thong—it’ll give you an aura of great sensuality without making you feel too exposed.

Don’t go for smaller sizes

know your size

If you got measured and know your size, there’s no need to keep trying to squeeze yourself into things that are too small. Wearing undergarments that are too small not only look completely wrong, but could actually be bad for your health. Fabric can chafe and tug at your skin, joints and organs and wearing a bra that constricts your breasts could damage the tissue and cause pain. Ladies, there’s simply nothing else to do but accept your beautiful curvy figure. If you’re a size G, find sexy G cup bras that are functional and stylish and enjoy the benefits of proper support.

The same goes for thongs, boy shorts, and any other kind of panties. Never suffer because you have convinced yourself that smaller is better. Size is entirely irrelevant, so don’t let your confidence revolve around a tag on a garment—buy things that fit well and enjoy how good they make you look.

Add a garter belt and stockings

high stockings and garter belts

Anything can be made better with the use of high stockings and garter belts. They look so sensual that even the most insecure of women will feel like a confident temptress, and if you find stockings with a wide band of soft lace they could actually make your legs look firmer and more elongated. Pick this when you need that extra little boost of sexiness to make you feel like a diva.

Go for corsets when you want to seduce

corsets for seduction

If you want to seduce your partner, there’s nothing more alluring than a corset. It will give you an hourglass figure and hide those flaws, and it suits both curvier women who wish to hide their belly, and thin women who wish to define their waist and enhance their cleavage. We wouldn’t recommend wearing it often—while the cinching effect looks great, it’s not particularly comfortable, so wear this only for special occasions.

Always have good bottoms

good bottoms

If you plan to wear tight clothing or something in a pale color, pick laser-cut undies that will look practically invisible underneath your garments. It’s generally a good idea to always make sure your panties are made of high-quality, comfortable materials, and to always go for the shape that works well on your body type. Pick high-waist bottoms to make your waist appear smaller, or go for boy shorts if you’ve got a big booty. If you feel like your bum is a little too flat for your liking, pick comfortable thongs and g-strings that will make it look bigger.

Never settle for less when it comes to fabrics

fabrics of underwear

Underwear is in direct contact with the most sensitive parts of our bodies, and settling for scratchy, poorly made fabrics is not a great idea. You want the materials to be airy, light, and easy on your skin, and you shouldn’t have to deal with irritations caused by bad textile.

Remember, buy good underwear for your own sake. Only pick things that are comfortable, that look good, and that make you feel sexy even if you’re only wearing jeans and a t-shirt over them, and you’ll enjoy an incredible confidence boost. And it goes without saying, wear great jewellery pieces that make you feel sexy on the outside! 

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