5 Flexible Jobs Perfect for Working Moms

Life is busy, especially if you are a Mom. Chores, partner, kids plus pressure from employers or colleagues can add stress to an already stressful situation. While all moms are known for multi-tasking and taking on more than their fair share, that doesn't mean it should be accepted as “normal” or the only option.

Luckily, long gone are the days when the regular eight-hour workday was the only option for people. Thanks to the rise of digital technologies and internet, basically anyone with the internet connection and computer or a mobile phone can work from home.

Regardless of whether a mom wants a permanent career change or just thinks about earning more money, the internet offers a wide range of options to choose from. Here are 5 digital online jobs to do from home.

Selling items online

Seling items online

Never sold online before? Try cutting your teeth online by selling things you already own. There is a good chance you have something you no longer want at home. Apart from the extra dollars you will earn, you will also learn something about yourself. Like, is this something you would like to do on a regular basis? Do you love finding, selling, packing and talking to people online? Or is sitting behind a desk not your style.

While the idea of reselling isn’t actually new, ‘generation Z’ has used it as a way to build business empires. Reselling certainly doesn’t have to take up all your time. You can scale it up or scale it down depending on how much you would like to earn. Just follow the lead from some of these young entrepreneurs and earn extra money.

Online surveys

Online surveys

Online surveys are already widely popular as a source of income among moms.  Its also a fun way to discover new products, offers, and opportunities and takes as little as a few minutes to an hour, depending on the survey. 



Is blogging your thing? You can earn by blogging about adventures with friends, travel tips, food or health recommendations or how to balance a job and a private life. Using social networks you can spread the word quickly.

A well written story about experiences and habits for moms around the world has a potential to reach thousands or even millions of people. Earn by using any of the following options – blog ad networks, Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, etc.

Freelance writing

Freelance writing

Freelance writing can be as exciting as blogging. Think about an area of life, a habit, hobby or business that excites you, then start searching for websites or blogs that share content relevant to your topic. For Moms considering a career in writing, this could easily become a long-term career.

Social media management

Social media managament

Finally, if you are highly active on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter you might want to learn more about turning your time on them into an exciting career.

Freelance social media managers are responsible for content posted on social media platforms for a company or public person, as well as the social media strategy and advertising budget.

This is how the career of social media manager often begins:

  • Start a website
  • Create quality content
  • Create social media pages for your website
  • Distribute your content on the social media platforms
  • Send emails to potential clients and offer your social media managing services

The list of flexible jobs for busy moms certainly doesn’t end here.

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